King Air 90/100/200/300/350 Recurrent Training

The Fly Safe Train Smartâ„¢ Program can incorporate both a full motion simulator and training in your King Air

Beechcraft King Air Recurrent Training

Days 1-2

  • Introduction
  • Aircraft Fuel System
  • Engines and Propellers
  • Performance
  • Flight Controls & Wing Flaps
  • Environmental Systems Emergency
  • System Checks and Test
  • Flight Profiles
  • Landing Gear
  • Emergency Procedures Checklist
  • Anti-ice/Deice
  • System Checks and Tests
  • Environmental Systems
  • Flight Training in Your King Air
  • Electrical Systems


3.0 hours


.5 hours


3.0 hours


.5 hours

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About the King Air 200 Series

The Beechcraft King Air 200 received civil certification in December 1973 and remains in production as the King Air 250. The history of the King Air 200 is one of constant improvement. In May, 2007, the B200GT was introduced with PT6-52 engines improving aircraft performance. In 2014 Beechcraft introduced the King Air 250EP. The EP allows the operator the option to choose an increase in the MTOW to 13,420 pounds. This upgrade requires the pilots of 250EP to acquire a type rating to operate the aircraft. The King Air 200 is the most iconic business turboprop in the world with over 3500 models flying in more the 94 countries.