The King Air School

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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?
Executive Flight Training is located at 46D Sams Point Rd. Beaufort SC 29907. My office is between Savannah, GA (Home of Gulfstream) and Charleston, SC (Boeing's 787 Assembly Plant.) The airport I use is KARW. Click on Goggle Maps.

What other type of flight training do you do?
I concentrate on initial and recurrent training in the King Air, but I am approved for numerous other turboprops.

Do you offer an ATP rating program?

Why should I choose your school?
90% of my new students are referred by my former students. My goal is to train safe, proficient pilots. I'm also consistent. I don't want another job. I enjoy teaching and I'm the only person teaching here.

Will you train me at my location?
Yes, of course.

Do I need to list you on my insurance?
Yes, list EFT as an additional insured with a waiver of subrogation.

Are you approved by my insurance company?
Yes, but call your agent to verify. Occasionally, low time pilots or a high liability policy require simulator training.

How much do you charge?
Please view our price list here. Plus expenses if we travel to you.

How do I contact you?
Cell: (call or text) 843-521-9412

What should I do to prepare for training?
Please study the AFM/POH prior to training. We will also send out a PDF training package.

When do the courses start?
Courses start at your convenience.

How far in advance should I book?
We stay booked approximately 3 weeks in advance.

What time do you normally start training?
At a mutually agreeable time, so you can complete your program on your schedule.