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Doug Carmody

Professional pilots are in the best position to determine what type of training works best for them. For some, it's attending a big name school and being in class 8 hours a day reviewing theoretical knowledge. For others, they prefer to train to proficiency and learn more practical information. The training to proficiency concept is the hallmark of my business. Although I have an insurance approved syllabus, I am not so tied to a Part 142 curriculum that I can't tailor my program to my student's requirements and timeline. Rather than rehash the same old information, I reinforce the skills already mastered and incorporate the latest operational and procedural changes. Of course, aircraft system training is included to help you recognize the limitations and capabilities of your airplane. As an A&P mechanic, I know the systems, but more importantly, I teach you what you need to know without pointless stories or endless minutiae.

I strive to make each year challenging and create a long term training partnership with my students. This continuity allows me to get to know my students and their unique operations. I then create an individualized training plan for each student. I evaluate their skills and reinforce their current operating procedures if safe and appropriate. This can be done in the simulator, the aircraft or a combination of both.

The proven King Air airframe has enjoyed many years of service. These airplanes are stable and forgiving, and comprise a large percentage of the turbo prop fleet. The key to the King Air's safety record is continuous training. My goal is to improve your aircraft handling skills, decision making abilities, Single Pilot Resource Management and overall safety while flying the King Air.

My credentials include the following:
Former Airline Captain (Usairways)
Boeing 737 instructor
30 years of instructional experience in turbine aircraft
FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner in the CE500/525
Over 30,000 hours total flight time.
Author of 15 aviation related books, numerous magazine articles and Computer based training modules.
Licensed A & P Mechanic
Licensed in Single and Multi-engine airplanes as an ATP, CFI, CFII-MEI
Type ratings include Airbus A319/320/321, Beechcraft BE-300, Boeing 767/757/737, DC-9, Fokker F100/F28, EMB-110, CE500 and the CE525
Former FAA Lead FAAST Team Safety Counselor for the SC/NC area
FAA "Gold Seal" award winner, named Master CFI by the National Association of Flight Instructors
I also have a recreational license in GyroCopters.
I have been a subject matter expert on national media including: ABC's 20/20, Fox's Laura Ingram Show, "Mornings on the Mall" hosted by Brian Wilson and Larry O'Connor show in Washington, DC, and for the Boston Globe.

I specialize in working with professional pilots. I have found that pilots with less than 1500 hours, owner flown, and out of currency pilots do not benefit from my train to proficiency style of instructing.

To learn more about my flight training programs, feel free to call me at 843-521-9412. I look forward to hearing from you!