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King Air Flight and Simulator Training

Professional, affordable, insurance-approved

I offer insurance approved King Air training to professionally minded pilots. I operate under FAA Part 61 and emphasize the "Train to Proficiency" concept. Your training schedule is based on your flying ability, recent experience, and time in type- not some arbitrary timeline. We aren't a big school. In fact, I'm the only instructor so I get to know you, learn your strengths and weaknesses, and I put together a program tailored to your training objective(s). It's a concept that works. I have clients that have been returning every year for the past 20 years. I excel at teaching the nuances of flying professionally. I want you to learn something new every time we train together. I teach things that matter- information you can put to use in your everyday flying to become a safer and more efficient King Air pilot. I don't rehash a tired syllabus of minutiae and memory items. I focus on teaching you how a system works from a pilot's perspective. My goal is for us to develop a long term training partnership. I'm the expert you can turn to with a systems or operating questions any time of the year, not just during class. It's a different approach to your required training. I think it's a better choice.